September 27, 2009

Device Stage

Device Stage is a new technology that helps you interact with any compatible device connected to your computer. Device Stage lets you see device status and run common tasks. This a current list of products that take advantage of Device Stage.
Device stage is designed to take the pain out of adding new devices to your computer and have them working almost instantly. Many people wonder why it is so hard to recognize a device plugged into a machine. Simply put, Windows cannot interact with all these devices instantly because they all work differently; Windows needs drivers for these devices to communicate with them properly. Device stage will install drivers when you plug a new device in or go out to Windows Update to get the necessary files. I am very impressed with Device stage. I plugged in my LG TV and not only did it recognize it as such, but it changed my PC’s resolution to the TV’s native resolution of 1920 x 1080 without me clicking the mouse once.
Essentially, device stage should alleviate the need for bulky third-party applications that were required, in the past, to access your devices.

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