September 27, 2009

Verifying Encrypted Data

When protecting your data or anything you own, it is important to ensure the protection actually works. I took my thumb drive out of the Windows 7 machine and put it in a Vista machine. You should do the following too, to ensure your data is protected.

Please note: If you check the drive in an older version of Windows, you will need either XP SP3 or Vista SP1 (or above) to read the encrypted drive. Other operating systems will recognize the drive as an unformatted drive.

To verify that your data is protected:

1. Put your thumb drive in another PC and try to open the files. You should see a BitLocker setup file, which shows BitLocker is not installed on the computer you’re testing on. If you have BitLocker installed on the machine, you will be prompted for a password (see the next step.)

2. If you have BitLocker installed on the PC you are testing on, you will be prompted for your password. If it’s not installed, go ahead and install it.

3. Enter your password to get to your data.

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