September 13, 2009

What is Windows 7 ?

Microsoft Windows 7 is the seventh generation of the world’s most popular computer operating system.  Whether you use a laptop, desktop, or a standard or small-sized notebook computer, Windows 7 is designed to make life easier for you. Although the general look of Windows 7 resembles Windows Vista, Windows 7 offers many new and improved features to make computing on any type of PC easier. From printing to working with photos and other types of media, from using the Internet to solving problems, Windows 7 provides you with tremendous new tools.

Microsoft Windows 7 introduces a breakthrough user experience that is designed to help you intuitively view, find, andorganize information on your computer.  Windows 7 delivers better personal productivity and digital entertainment on your computer. Before you get started with Windows 7, check out the new and improved features, which includes the Windows Aero user experience, Start menu and taskbar, Instant Searches, Explorers, gadgets, Internet Explorer, HomeGroups, Windows Live, media sharing in Windows Media Player, device management, and advanced security and protection in the Action Center.

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