September 15, 2009

Windows 7 Editions

Microsoft Windows 7 comes in four main editions: the Home Basic Edition for con-
sumers; the Home Premium Edition for consumer power users; the Professional Edi-
tion for business and power users; and the Ultimate Edition for the complete
package. Two other editions are available for specific needs: the Starter Edition and
Enterprise Edition. The Starter Edition is for the beginning PC user and provides the
most basic entry to Windows 7, which is targeted to emerging markets. The Enter-
prise Edition is for large corporations with advanced data protection, compatibility,
and international support needs.

Microsoft Windows 7 Editions

The Home Basic Edition provides a basic secure entry point for using Windows 7.
Windows 7 Home Basic is ideal for homes with basic computing needs like browsing
the Internet, viewing photos, and the Mobility Center, while still providing a more
secure environment to help protect you from harmful attacks.

The Home Premium Edition designed to deliver productivity, entertainment, and
security for home and mobile PCs. Window 7 Home Premium adds to the basic expe-
rience by providing the Windows Aero experience, Windows Media Center for media
entertainment, Windows Media Player for remote access, Tablet PC support for lap-
tops, and premium games.

The Professional Edition is designed specifically to meet the needs of small busi-
nesses. Window 7 Professional modifies the Home Premium Edition by adding busi-
ness networking and remote desktop access, Windows XP mode, Presentation mode
in the Mobility Center, location-aware printing, and file encryption.

The Ultimate Edition combines every thing from all the editions into one com-
plete package. Windows 7 Ultimate provides the power and security features needed
for work, such as BitLocker and the use of different languages.

The Enterprise Edition lowers IT costs and risks to meet the needs of large, global
organizations with complex IT infrastructures.

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