September 27, 2009

Windows HomeGroup

Setting up a home network can, at times, be complicated. In the past, Windows XP and Vista haven’t done a great job at guiding you through the setup process. As the average household has more than one computer these days (no source, but I’m just assuming this is the case), home networking is becoming more of a mainstream need. With PCs running Windows 7, a home network is easier to setup and a lot more useful. HomeGroup makes it easier to connect to other computers and devices on a wireless home network, so you can share files, photos, music, printers, and more throughout your home network. HomeGroup is strictly a feature of Windows 7, so you’ll need to have at least two PCs running Windows 7. Once you've set up a HomeGroup, you can use the Network and Sharing Center to choose what you share with other HomeGroup members.

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