October 4, 2009

Using Windows XP Mode

After you have prepared your computer to use Windows XP mode, the first thing you need to do is install your Windows XP programs. To install them in Windows XP Mode, begin by starting Virtual Windows XP from the Start menu. A Virtual Windows XP window appears, displaying a desktop for the Windows XP operating system. You install your programs just as you normally would on a computer using Windows XP; you can download software from the Web, use CDs or DVDs, or access it from a network. After you install your Windows XP programs, you can run them in Seamless or Desktop mode. Seamless mode allows you start your Windows XP programs directly from the Windows 7 Start menu, while Desktop modes opens in a separate window (Virtual Windows XP) where you can start your Windows XP programs from the Start menu.

While you run Windows XP Mode, you can share drives, USB devices, Clipboard,and printers. This means you can cut, copy,and paste data between Windows 7 and Virtual PC and use file and printing resources.

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