November 7, 2009

Windows 7 Logging In

Logging In

Obviously, the first step to using a computer is to turn it on. Shortly after you ?rst start your computer, the Windows 7 Login screen appears. Exactly how that screen looks depends on what user accounts exist on your computer. By default, Windows 7 comes with a built-in user account named Administrator. But it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see that user account because it’s not for day-to-day computer use. If you’ve never used your computer or Windows 7 before, you’ll likely be taken through a process where it asks you to create a user account. Just follow the on-screen instructions if faced with that question.

If your computer already has user accounts, you’ll likely see a login page that displays icons (little pictures) and names for one or more user accounts. But for now, all you need to know is that if you see user account icons shortly after you  first start your computer, you have to click one in order to use the computer.

If the user account isn’t password-protected, the Windows desktop appears automatically. If the user account you clicked is password-protected, a rectangular box appears instead. You have to type the correct password for the account to get to the Windows desktop. The letters you type won’t show in the box. This is to prevent people from learning your password by looking over your shoulder as you type it on the screen. After you type the password, press Enter or click the arrow to the right of the password box.

After you’ve successfully logged in, the Windows desktop appears.

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