November 7, 2009

Windows Live

If you have been a Windows Vista user, you might be surprised to see that some of the programs you are accustomed to using are no longer included with Windows 7. For example, you won’t and Windows Mail included in 7. Instead, these programs have been pulled from Windows and made part of Windows Live, a set of online services and programs from Microsoft. These programs include:

Messenger: Use Messenger to text chat, video chat, or make phone calls to others.

Mail: Formerly Outlook Express, then Windows Mail in Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail lets you send and receive e-mail and work with online newsgroups.

Writer: Use this program to blog and share photos and videos on many blog services.

Photo Gallery: Manage your digital photos, edit them, share them with friends and family, and even stitch together photos to make panoramic shots.

Movie Maker: Create movies and video clips, and add titles, subtitles, music, and special effects.

Family Safety: Control what sites your children can see, view reports about their browsing history, limit searches, and decide with whom they can communicate when they are using Windows Live Messenger.

Toolbar: The Windows Live Toolbar gives you quick access to Windows Live and Live Search in Internet Explorer.

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