November 10, 2009

Windows Navigating Help

Windows Navigating Help

Across the top of the Help and Support Center, you see the buttons. (On your own screen, you can point to any button to see its name.)

Here’s what each button offers:

- Back: Takes you back to the help page you just left (if any). Disabled (dimmed) when there’s no page to go back to.

- Forward: Returns to the page you just backed out of. Disabled if you didn’t just back out of a page.

- Help and Support Home: Takes you to the same page that opens when you first open Help and Support.

- Print: Lets you print whatever help information you’re currently viewing.

- Browse Help: Takes you to the Table of Contents.

- Learn about Other Support Options: Takes you to options for getting online help from humans. (But no one is actually sitting there waiting to answer your questions. It’s more complicated than that.)

- Options: Provides the following options:

- Print: Same as clicking the Print button.

- Browse Help: Same as clicking the Browse Help button.

- Text Size: Changes the size of the text in the Help window. (A lifesaver if the text is too small to read!)

- Find (on This Page): Searches the current Help page (only) for a word or phrase you specify.

- Settings: Provides options for enabling or disabling online help and participation in Help Experience Improvement program.

Using the Search box
The Search box at the top of the Help and Support Center window is strictly for searching Help. It searches both the Help that’s in your computer and the more extensive online Help (if you’re online when you use the Search box). Use the Search box as you would the index at the back of a book. It works best if you know the exact term you’re looking for and how to spell that term. But even if you don’t know how to spell
it exactly, the Search feature works pretty well. For example, a search for desk top (wrong spelling) returns roughly the same results as desktop (correct spelling). You can also phrase your search as a question. For example, ‘‘What is a user account?’’ or ‘‘How do I create a user account?’’ Press Enter or click the magnifying glass button after typing your search term or question. The results will be a series of links to pages in Help that are relevant to your search phrase or question.

Online Help and Offline Help
There are really two types of help in Windows 7. There’s ofliine Help, which you can access at any time. There’s also online Help, which you can access only when you’re connected to the Internet. The online Help is more extensive than the ofliine Help. In the Help window’s lower-right corner, you’ll see an indicator that tells you which Help you’re currently accessing. Click that to choose to use Get Offline Help (only), or Online Help (which includes both offliine Help and online Help). To automatically include online Help in your searches, click Options, choose Settings, and then choose Improve My Search Results by Using Online Help (Recommended).

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